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Users Interested In 4chan. Online Dating. Looking for someone honest. I've got alot of nerd hobbies like comic books and video games, I also like to drink.
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Betabeat sidled up to a grip of four guys in t-shirts standing across from the payphones which were swarmed with photographers and onlookers. One young man identified himself as Mr. Betabeat could verify three guys who had actually been duped.

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Bright Blue Shirt, about 23, who had been leaning against a mailbox next to the payphones for about 20 minutes when Betabeat asked him what he was there for. Wait, could we get a quote? He was very sweet.

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  • Steven Liu of Lean Startup Machine had brought roses for the forever loners and recruited three girls to replace their misfired dates. She spoke to him, he smiled, and they walked off awkwardly hand-in-hand. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker. This includes cliche reddit phrases, subreddit mentions, puns, song lyrics, novelty accounts, getting lots of karma on a single post, and other dummy things that make you a manchild.

    Do NOT reveal personal information, or post 4chan screenshots, that contain personal information of an individual. Do not post 4chan screenshots of Reddit account names. Best Of Trash Pile. We personally severely dislike reddit and everyone who frequents it. We believe it's a shitty, destructive echo chamber that does much more public harm than anything 4chan has ever done.

    We think it discourages communication and encourages passive, addict-like consumption.


    We are making reddit worse as a public service, hopefully driving you people away from this toxic, horrible website. Let's be honest, op probably doesn't interact with many children and has no idea how normal children behave.

    Why Dating Sites Don't Work ~ MGTOW

    This child was probably normal. That said, I lol'd. Was that on your morning paper too? I don't think the child is normal, because I don't think the mom is normal, who introduces thier kid to someone on a first date, and who blind sides a guy with a kid.

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    Oldfags don't laugh any more. They merely observe in cold silence. MFW I read something hilarious. I have almost achieved oldfag status, then. I merely smile half heartedly when reading something funny. I'm sorry, I know how hard it can be. The very causes of depression sometimes make it so difficult to even do anything about it. Will obamacare benefit you in any way? You'd be required to be insured, which comes with normal insurance benefits. Anyway, the first step is wanting to get better.

    Hopefully you'll get there soon. Well, are you sucking some dick you nigger fucking pussy-ass newcunt faggot? If so, then yeah, probably. Still room for some good advice between breaths. Fuck, the people that need help the most are the people that can't get it. Well if it means anything to you, the internet loves you deep down.

    Forever Alone 4chan Prank Brings Out the Best and Worst of the Internet | Observer

    I am not being a cunt From what I can tell, he is implying that every other website on th internet are unfunny. It's the smug ellipses you keep using and the dismissive "good for you OP is probably the one with aspergers, I mean, What 21 year old man cant keep his mouth shut in a situation like this. Whats more important, Gettin your knob gobbled or getting a cheap laugh, Then again, OP is a faggot and probably would have preferred the little girls dad blowing him. I think OP is confusing asperger's with Autism. I've had a friend or two with asperger's that I've never known had it until they told me.